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Customer Furnished Keys Policy
We recieve calls everyday from people who purchase keys on line and want to get them cut and programmed. We can and will in most cases provide this service, however, some things you need to be aware of:

1. We cannot and will not guarantee that the key you bring us will program and/or function properly. Programming is not a free service and is completely at your risk. We can in most cases check the key that you bring us for suitability for your car and advise you as to weather or not we think it should work. In the case of failed programming we do not provide a refund for the programming charge, but in most cases can offer a credit of the programming towards a key purchased from us. We have no control over the product you are suppling to us.The only instance where we will refund programming is where your key failed to program and also where a key furnished by us fails also, this dosen't happen very often but there may other issues with the systems on the car previnting programming. Again this only applies if your key failed to program properly and you decide to purchase our key and our key fails to program. If we cut the key for you, key cutting charges apply in any circumstance.

2. The Good News - Many keys being sold on line are perfectly fine and program and work as they are intended to work.

3. Some of the most problematic keys we have seen are the Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep Remote Head keys, but then again what do you expect when the OEM dealer key is close to $200.00 and they are selling on ebay for $14.00. As a general rule some of the problems are
  A. The key programs but the remote buttons do not function
       (this is not a programming problem, it is a key problem)

  B. The key programs fine and everything works but a short time later the remote buttons quit working.
       (again this is a key problem, not a programming problem)   

  C. In most cases the key will start the car or continue to start the car but we have seen it just completely stop functioning

                          Buyer Beware On These Cheap Keys

4. Customer Furnished Keys That We Do Not Provde Programming Services For:

A. European Cars - We Do Not program customer furnished keys for european cars with the exception of Some Audi and VW, please check with us if you want to do an Audi or VW key.
We have been programming car keys since they were introduced in the US, have many years experience and specialize in Car Key Programming, Also we have the proper key programming equipment to get the job done.
All Customer Furnished Keys Programming and Key Cutting Services Must Be Paid For In Advance and There Are No Refunds for this service with the one exception stated above. When You Purchase A Key From Us We Take The Risk and Warranty For The Key When You Furnish Your Own Product You Take 100% of The Risk and/or warranty issues. This Policy is necessary from having people think that we should try to program something, use our time, experience and substantial investment in equipment to program a key that they got a deal on or a friend gave them and if it dosen't work then they don't have to pay for the service, this simply is unacceptable on our part.
  We want to be up front about this Policy so that you know going in what the situation is, It is Your Choice To Accept The Policy or Not To Accept The Policy, Your Choice, It's Also Our Choice Not To Provide Services To Anyone That Does Not Agree To The Policy.
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